Every day we experience stress and our bodies react in physical, mental, and emotional responses.  Stress is really an imbalance between the demands we place on ourselves and the resources available to manage them.  The amount of stress a person feels is dependent on their attitude and approach to a particular situation.  One person may feel extremely stressful about an event while the other person perceives it as a minor aggravation.


However, a prolonged amount of stress can cause physical harm to the body.  Meditation affects the body in the opposite direction.  It helps to calm your physical state by slowing down your respirations (breathing) and reducing your heart rate. 


This practice also enables us to uncover a deeper understanding of our inner being.  A daily routine can enlighten and give us inspiration about our true purpose and passion.  It provides clarity to create a solid foundation where are thoughts are in align with our goals.

1.  Breathing Meditation

Breathing Meditation is one of the most popular forms of meditation and is the perfect technique for beginners for its simplicity and convenience.   The breath will be your focal point and creates a natural rhythm when your mind begins to wander.  You can practice Breathing Meditation for a few minutes or longer, depending on your experience, and your end result will always find you feeling calm and peaceful.

Comfortable Position

Choose a quiet place to meditate and sit in a comfortable position.  You can sit in a traditional cross-legged posture or any position which makes you feel comfortable.  The goal is to keep your back straight and your mind focused to prevent any sluggish or sleepy feeling.


Set a Time

If you have a specific ending time, it will be easier to let go and relax into your meditation.  If by chance you fall asleep while practicing, the alarm will awaken you and keep you on tract from missing scheduled appointments. 

3.  Music Meditation

Final Note

3 Favorite Meditations for Instant Motivation

Meditation is a way to train the mind to relax.  Doing it on daily basis encourages you to develop concentration, clarity and emotional balance.  If you engage in a particular meditation technique, you will learn specific patterns and habits of your mind where you can develop and maintain a state of being calm and relaxed.


Are you ready to be transformed and learn how to meditate?  Below are my three favorite meditation techniques that can help you find inner peace and serenity.

Begin Breathing  

Begin by takings slow deep breaths and notice the rhythm of your breathing.  Relax your shoulders, your jawbone and breathe deeply.   You will notice your breathing becomes calm, more regular and shallower.  With every breath inhale peace and feel the serenity it creates and when you exhale and image all your restlessness and negative emotions disappearing.


Focus On Breath

Let the awareness of your breath keep you anchored in the present moment.  Do not allow yourself to be disturbed by external sounds, just leave them aside and focus on your breath.  As thoughts come up, recognize them, and let them flow.  Always direct your attention to your breathing and cultivate a stillness with your body, mind and breathe. If you can keep the mind empty, even for a couple of minutes, you will feel more relaxed and peaceful.  With practice you will perfect this technique.

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2.  Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation is a form of meditation where you use a repetitive word or sound to allow yourself to be mindful and slow down the thought process.  This is a very powerful meditation technique and deeply spiritual practice, but you do not need to be “religious” to experience the gifts this practice offers.


This type of meditation is an ancient practice affecting the body and mind.  With its repetitive word vibrations it creates healing responses physically, mentally and spiritually.  This form of meditation can be practiced by anyone who is seeking success, health and peace.   It can be used to still the mind or it can be the foundation for deepening your awareness with the universe or God.


You can use any word, phrase or sound, as long as it brings the mind into a state of relaxing and peace.  A good mantra to begin with is OM.  OM is the most universal sound vibration and is always an excellent and effective mantra to use.  Practicing Mantra Meditations can be learned quickly and easily.

Seated Comfortable Position

Begin by choosing a quiet room free of distractions.  Sit in a comfortable seated position with your back straight.  Begin by taking slow, deep breaths to relax both your body and mind.  Be sure you have sufficient time to practice this technique.


Choose Your Mantra

Use any word, phrase or sound you will repeat to yourself.  The sound or word you choose should be simple and comfortable to repeat.


Close Your Eyes and Repeat Mantra

As you repeat the mantra, focus only on the sound and feel it resonate throughout your body.  If you find your thoughts in the past or future, acknowledge them, let them pass and redirect your attention back to the mantra and present moment.  You can start this meditation for 5 or 10 minutes and slowly work up to 20 – 30 minutes. 


Once you have completed your practice take several minutes to come back to the present and slowly open your eyes.  You should feel soothed and relaxed.  By doing this meditation consistently, you will slowly see the benefits and eventually master this technique.  

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Music can be very calming, and can deepen the experience of meditation, especially for beginners.  Combining music with meditation can deepen the positive effects of relaxing and have a significant decrease in stress relief.


When selecting the music for mediation, forms of ambient meditation music will be an excellent choice.  Do not play the music too loudly and it should not be dominant or intrusive.  Make the music a comfortable backdrop and let it be serene and peaceful.


Comfortable Position

Find a quiet, peaceful place and make sure you will not be disrupted.  Find a comfortable,   relaxed position and set your timer for at least 20 minutes.  The more relaxed you are the more you will acknowledge the music vibrations. 


Listening To The Music

While you’re listening, take deep diaphragmatic breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.  Different thoughts may cross your mind, acknowledge them and let them pass.  Redirect you attention on the music and stay in the present moment.  The goal of this practice is to quiet the inner voice and just “be”.


Let the sounds resonate throughout your body and allow its vibrations to passively stimulate positive energies.  Give yourself up to the music.  Allow it to work on your body, mind and soul. Feel it surrounding you, embracing you, filling you. Absorb its vibrations with each breath. 


Focus on Sensations

If you fall asleep, do not worry this is a sign of stress release.  However, once the music has completed, remain still for several minutes.  Open your eyes gently and slowly stretch your body.  Notice how you feel more relaxed and refreshed.  Finally express gratitude for the benefits of music meditation.


Meditation is the easiest way to reduce stress and give you inner peace.  The benefits are an improvement in your emotional well-being and overall health.  The benefits do not end when you meditation practice is complete, it carries on throughout your day giving you a sense of calmness and serenity.


If you meditate regularly it will bring clarity and insight into your life as you become aware of your inner self.  The inner peace you can feel will be amazing.  You will find joy coming to you at different times of the day and you begin to see the world through a new awareness which comes from meditating regularly.

These Guided Meditations are aimed at quieting the mind and producing calmness and relaxation. 
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