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Life Coaching Fees and Programs

How and Where Do We Begin?

We start with a FREE 30-minute Self-Assessment Evaluation. This gives us an opportunity to determine:


  • What is holding you back from moving forward?  
  • How you manage your priorities ?
  • What’s important to you at this moment?
  • What’s does your ideal future look like?
  • Where is your life out of balance?
  • Are you committed in reaching your goal


Life coaching allows you to make positive changes to achieve your desired results.  I believe when you set the foundation for a great life, you make a conscious choice to show up, be seen and live courageously. This requires vulnerability—the birthplace of innovation, creativity and accountability.  

So What Are We Waiting for... Let's Begin!
When you’re pursuing a goal or making changes, commitment counts.
My coaching package options offer you substantial savings and other great benefits when you commit.
Kick Start Package
(1) Hour Power Hour
$395 per session
Jump Start Package
6 Month Program
(24) - 1/2 Hour Sessions
Package Benefits

Special Package Savings

Unlimited Free Email and Phone Support

Payment Plans Available

Complimentary Initial Consultation

Locked-In Discount Rates for Additional Sessions

Scheduling Priority

Ready to schedule your complimentary consultation so we can talk about what you’d like to achieve and how we could work together to make it happen? Click here, and let’s get acquainted!
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